The brewers decided to open a Cheap Beer Mugs

The Brewers Decided To Open A Cheap Beer Mugs

The brewers decided to open a Cheap Beer Mugs

On the actual 25th at Bolero, we may dance on Northern Soul. Nine locations are twinned in Angers, six of which are European. " It was a crazy idea among friends that is born this new beer, "we desired to trust each other and enroll in forces, " said Sarah Abadie one of the partners of Corporal. More seriously, the brexit conference and Wigan's photo exhibition for the cultural space of the School of Angers complete the overview of the English landscape..

They take place in this program of the festivities to consult on the webpage "Angers celebrates Europe". For that youngest, afternoon pass'sport Bertin stadium on May 30 to test all European sports.

On May 20, under a vivid sun (of course), at your Héron square, you can "brunch" in addition to make passes to rugby, favorite sport of the inhabitants of Wigan. Be careful there will be foam! Corporal the new build beer made in Toulouse purposes to conquer Occitania. "Our goal is to make a Franco-French product in addition to quality. "

We would like to represent the family SME" your lover continues, but they do not will stop there, in May 2018, the brewers decided to open a beer bar including a shop. Blue flag, white, red and emblem with the Cheap Beer Mugs face of a Gallic: almost all these ingredients are gathered to price the French know-how


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